Winter 2011



PRE-CONCERT TALK:  A Reading: John Holland, Traditional and Non-traditional Music

1.   John Holland  Natural Phenomena  Set No. 1 for Digital Piano (1995)   14:19

1. Sonoluminescence
2. The Dancing Venus of Galgenberg
3. The Crab Nebula in Taurus
4. Cascades and Vortices
5. Fly-by (Voyager II)

2.   Richard Strauss  String Sextet Op. 85 (TRV 279a) from the opera Capriccio (1942)   10:15

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Prelude: Andante con motto

Concertante Chamber Players:

Lisa Shihoten, Xiao-Dong Wang – Violins
Dov Scheindlin, Rachel Shapiro – Violas
Alexis Gerlach, Zvi Plesser – Violoncelli

3.   John Holland  Two Cross-cultural Mix-ups for Fixed Media

Complementary text: John Holland, The Art of Invention

1. iMusic (2011)   6:23

(recorded sounds from portable computers and computer devices, computer music, including a few segments from the early Columbia/Princeton recordings, and  original electronic sounds)

Complementary text: John Holland, The Nature of Humor

2. Humoresque (2011)   5:32

(recorded segments from Antonin Dvorak Humoresque Op. 101, No. 7 for Violin and Piano – Zhou Quian, Violin, Edmund Battersby, Piano; Gioachino Rossini The Cat’s Duet – Elizabeth Soderstrom and Kerstin Meyer, sopranos, Jan Eyron, Piano; classic cartoon sound effects, and accompanying electronic sounds)

4.   Robert Schumann  Nachtstucke Op. 23 for Piano Solo (1887)   17:02

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1. Trauerzug (Funeral Procession)
2. Kuriose Gesellschaft (Curious Assembly)
3. Nächtliches Gelage (Nocturnal Revel)
4. Rundgesang mit Solostimmen (Roundelay with Solo Voices)

Andras Schiff – Piano

5.   George Antheil  Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano (1923)   20:59

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1. Allegro moderato
2. Andante moderato
3. Funebre: Lento espressivo
4. Presto

Jagdish Mistry – Violin
Hermann Kretzschmar– Piano


Robert Schumann
  a repeat of Nachtstucke No. 4 played by Andras Schiff

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