Summer 2012

(This program is part of the year-long 100th birthday celebration of John Cage)



Complementary text: Benjamin Franklin, Native Bird

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1.   Benjamin Franklin  String Quartet (as Originally Written for Open Strings) with Electronics by John Holland (1778 / 2012)   6:22

1. Intrada, alla breve
2. Menuetto
3. Capriccio
4. Menuetto
5. Siciliana

The Kohon Quartet

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2.   Henry Purcell  Music for a While for Voice and Basso Continuo (from Act III, Scene 1 of the musical drama Oedipus) (1678)   4:04

Alfred Deller – Countertenor
William Christie – Harpsichord
Wieland Kurijken – Viola da Gamba

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3.   Charles Ives  Three Quarter-Tone Pieces for Two Pianos (1924)  12:00

1. Largo
2. Allegro
3. Chorale

Donald Berman – Pianos 1 and 2

4.   Jean Philippe Rameau  Allemande from New Suites of Harpsichord Pieces (ca. 1728)   8:13

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Tzimon Barto – Piano

Complementary Text: John Cage, Story No. 68 from 90 Stories, with Music

5.   John Cage  Aria for Solo Voice (1958), Version for 7 Voices and Electronics by Paul Hiller   10:16

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Theatre of Voices ensemble directed by Paul Hiller

Andrea Fullington, Allison Zelles, Allan bennett, Shabda Owens, Terry Riley, Paul Hiller – 7 Voices
Shabda Owens – Electronics

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Summer 2012:

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